Minggu, 09 Maret 2014

short trip : singapore

hey guys! in first february i went to singapore with my friends and my cousins..
isn't accidentally but i was prepare the hostel and the ticket for long long time, i feel so bored at campus so i've planning this short-holiday

because our hostel open at 8AM and we arrived at changi intl airport at 2AM we should sleep and rest in changi hahaha

we visit SAM!Singapore Art Museum RtoL (my cousin friend-my cousin-me-mycousin-my cousin friend-my cousin friend)

my favorite art, this art reject violence. the big circle mean O.

i don't really know what's this art mean... but its cute to take pic here hehe

haha this is my my cousin abi

nah that one art is kinda creepy.. i think this art mean beautiful barbie or doll and then we throw it away..and then it become sad, not maintained and damaged and be ugly and creepy...

i hate this room,, feels like i want to run to my house and treat well my barbie hehe

ah this one is like capel.. i dont know what its mean, i think is cool..

lovely color around hereeee. this room full with sticky notes.. pink blue orangeee so cutee hihi :3

weeeeelll thanks for readiingggg ! i will update my blog sooon! 

with loooveee.

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