Minggu, 28 Desember 2014

so it's gonna be easy, or hard.

life. is like unpredictable condition. sometimes you are in right, sometimes you are in left, sometimes you stop at the point, or away from the point. Life sometimes looks simple... you just sleep-wake up- take a bath - eat -talk - laugh - hangout - chillin - sleep again. like a spinning wheel. who can't stop. maybe you can stop your life. but remember, out there another people life is still spinnin' and maybe more faster. sometimes you think, and think, think, why you born and should do all this stuff? learn how to talk, how to walk, school, homework, final test, work, married but in the end we just. die. it's all the timeline, the line. you want to life? go ahead do somethin', if it's not no problem, you just wasting your time, and wait for nothing till you die. life isn't simple. maybe today you feeling happy, warm, excited. and tomorrow you feel pain, broken, sad, cry... no one knows. maybe you gonna had some problem, about work, school, friends, love, money$$$, about everything you cant predictable it. but you must learn from it.
life is like camera. you focus on what's important. capture the good times. develop from the negative. and if things dont work out. take another shot

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